Orchestral and Choral Conducting Course

Orchestral and Choral Conducting Course

Orchestral Conducting Course

This is a practical course in which conducting technique is analysed and discussed. Participants will have an opportunity to conduct a work of their choice in the presence of a pianist who will provide an impression of the score. 

Preparation and anticipation of the beat, conducting movements, knowing how to read and study a score, projection, confidence, and above all musical expression and interpretation, are aspects which will impart a better understanding of the art of orchestral conducting.

Participants may present movements from Haydn, early Beethoven, or Schubert symphonies, or, in the case of choral works, excerpts from Handel’s Messiah or Schubert’s Mass in G. 

IMPORTANT: scores should be properly prepared and choices communicated with Sjoerd Alkema (sj@allmusic.co.za) in advance.

Choral Conducting Course

The Choral Conducting Course will combine theory and practical work, touching on choral sound, efficient and effective vocal warmups, and strategies to cope with “not enough time for my rehearsals”.  Theoretical work will be implemented by rehearsing and studying a few pieces.


Sjoerd Alkema - Orchestral Conducting Course

Leon Starker - Choral Conducting Course