Focus on Education

Focus on Education

Focus on Education is once again part of Crescendo Summer Institute South Africa 2019. 

From 22 to 31 March, music teachers are invited to attend classes by two of our specialist lecturers who are both active musicians. You can attend both aspects or choose to attend only one. Please look at the daily program on the web for information on each day. 

For the first part of the Summer Institute, from 22 to 27 March, Dr Liezl – Maret Jacobs, active pianist and piano teacher, will lecture on piano teaching methods and from 27th March Winnie van der Walt, specialist class music teacher – among other activities – will share her experience on music in the class room.  

Piano Teaching Methods

In South Africa many children are taking piano lessons.  We will explore ways to develop all-round musicians who are playing the piano. Aspects will include how to develop the skill of transposition and improvisation as well as proper sight reading. 

The South African system of exam based piano tuition often leads to disappointments and the association withstress when people think about music. A broader and exciting alternative solution will ensure that people keep on playing their instruments. 

Good sight reading is a facility that ensures life-long enjoyment and understanding of music. It is an important activity for personal enjoyment and emotional health. We hope to encourage music teachers to ensure that their students will keep on playing piano during their whole life. 

A bit more on Teaching in the Class Room

A lot of the schools in South Africa do not have teachers who know how to implement music in the class room, although it is part of the CAPS curriculum. We are creating the opportunity to change this. 

Aspects of music education in schools will be explored in an informal and constructive way. The interactive lessons will stimulate ideas and will include the functional use of various percussion instruments and found objects, also Boom-whackers and marimbas.  By active participation - as the learners in a class would - teachers experience alearning curve with activities that they can implement in their classes. At the end of the course teachers will have more confidence and many new, creative ideas.

Music is a language that connects all people and musicians provide the link.